The nurses are in the office from 7:20 AM until 3 PM on school days. The phone numbers are 860-763-8880 and 860-763-8887.   Our fax number is the main school fax number 860-763-8888.

The State of Ct has changed the screening requirements for middle school.  The only screening required is scoliosis for grade 7 girls.  The screening will be in October and February during the PE class. Any student who is not in PE (for any reason) will be screened in the nurses’ office. Referral Letters will be sent home if your child has a known diagnosis or if the nurse observes any signs of concern.


 Grade 6 students with a year of graduation of 2025 are required to have a complete physical on a ST of CT blue form. The date of the physical must be between June 27, 2018 to August 29, 2019 .. The State of CT also requires immunizations for entry into grade 7. Letters will be sent to the parents/guardians throughout this year as a reminder until the forms are in the nurses’ office.  If you receive a letter and you think you already sent the forms in, please call the nurses’ office at (860) 763- 8880.  Better to check and not wait until end of August.


Concussions, breaks, sprains, crutches and other problems:  If your child sustains a concussion or any physical injury, call the nurses’ office and we will help with your student’s return. Please be sure your student comes to the nurses’ office when returning to school and has the doctor or emergency room notes. We have plans for all types of injuries and/or needs.


Texting and phone calls: If your student texts you or calls from a house office or personal phone asking to be picked up, please advise them to go to the nurses’ office for evaluation.  We will always allow students to call home if they ask. Additionally, we call parents when a student has an active illness or is contagious.


Sports physicals :  every student who wants to try out for an interscholastic sport, MUST have a current sports physical on file with the JFK NURSES. This is in accordance with the CIAC rules and there are no exceptions. Sports physical forms can be downloaded from this website page at the bottom.

CIAC sports medical form.pdf