We are doing our parent/teacher conference appointments on-line this year!
Please read the following easy-to-do directions.  
5 minutes and you’re done.
First Come, First Served!

Instructions for Appointment Booking for Parent/Teacher Conference Nights:

The system will open for appointment making on October 10.

This year, we will be trying a different method to book all of our 1200 students’ parents into appointments with our 110 teachers.  This has typically been done by hand, by our house secretaries but we thought – why not try to do it electronically?  This will put more of the control in your hands as a parent to what day, what time and who you decide to come in to see. 

You will need the following information to book your appointments online:
Your home phone number      
Your email address      
Your child’s teachers names (the ones that you wish to see) 

Our schedule is available at

At the home page, click “register” to register as a new user.  Once you have a user ID and password, you can just log in from this page.

On the next page, please input the following:
Your first and last name, your home phone (and cell phone, if you would like)
Your email address
A unique userID for you and  password (type it twice)

·  Select your language 

3.    On the next page, you are going to add your child. 

4.    Input your child’s first and last name. 

5.   You’ll be brought to the Manage Students page.  Next to your child’s name, you’ll see these three pictures:

  1. Editedit your child’s name (edit current entry)
  2. Delete  delete your child (delete current entry)
  3. calender  this will let you book appointments.  Click on thisBooking  to begin booking times.

You’ll be brought to the Appointment Scheduling page.

·  The first box lists all of the teachers at JFK.  Select your child’s teachers by holding the control button and clicking on each teacher that you would like an appointment with.

·  The bottom box lists the days and times.  You can choose to see both days and times, or to pick the first night (November 6 from 4:00-6:30 PM) or the second night (November 7 from 6:30-9:00 PM).  à  Click View Calendars.

·  This scheduling page lists the available times for your teachers.  Check a box under each to book a time with each teacher.  If a time is already reserved, it will be unavailable to you.  After checking your times, à Click Book Appointments.

7.     You’ll be brought to the Current Scheduled Appointments page.

·  You’ll see all of the appointments that you currently have booked.

·  You can print a very nice and neat .PDF of your schedule by à Click Print Appointments.

·  If you click Book Appointments you’ll be brought back to the Manage Students screen.  Here you can add another child to your list.  Of, you can click Logout at the top right to exit.

8.   If you need to change or cancel these appointments simply come back, log in and make the needed changes.

You can schedule appointments from October 10 up to November 4.  The system will email you reminders closer to Parent/Teacher Conference nights.  If you have any questions you can email [email protected] .  If you do not have access to a computer and need someone to book these appointments for you, please call JFK at 860-763-8855 and connect to the Red, White, or Blue House Offices (whichever one is your child’s house).

If you do not have on-line access, you may call us at 763-8856 and ask for your child’s house office – Red, White, or Blue – and we can make the appointments for you.  This will take only a few minutes.  You do need your child’s teachers names to make appointments.