Q: How often is the library open after school? 
A: The library is open to students on Monday and Thursdays. Student should sign up during the day.for after school library on Monday and Thursday. Sign up d

Q: Can I use the computers in the library? 
A: The library computers can be used for research or any school or homework project. The computers cannot be used for games or music. 

Q: How long do I have to read a book after I check it out? 
A: Books are due 3 weeks after they are checked out. They can be renewed by bringing the book to the library. 

Q: How many books can I check out at a time? 
A: Students can check out as many books as they can be responsible for during the 3 week period with a maximum of 10 books. 

Q: Do I need my school ID to check out a book? 
A: You don't need your ID, but you need to know your ID number. 

Q: Do I have access to the public library as well? 
A: Students have access to the Enfield Public Library with their student ID. Their public library card number is on the back of their student ID.